Further Indiscretions
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Chapter 11

Joe slowly woke up and realized he was in bed alone. At first he thought Methos left without saying good-bye, then he smelled the wonderful scent of freshly brewed coffee. He reached over and got his legs to strap on and then got a pare of sweats to wear till he had to get ready for work. He then got out of bed and went to his dresser and dug out a T-shirt to put on. He went into the bathroom and washed his face and brushed his teeth. As he walked out into the kitchen, Methos turned and gave him a hundred watt smile. "Good morning Methos."

Methos answered, "Good morning." Methos then gave him a big hug and kiss. "How did you sleep?" 

"Once I fell asleep, I slept good. It sure did feel good falling asleep with you in my arms. Do you have any idea what in the world happened last night?"

"No I don't Joe. I'm hoping my friends have heard of something like this happening before. I'm leaving today after you go to work and will meet up with you in Paris. I also hope we can find some answers on what is going on with people killing your friends. Luckily the ones that's been killed so far are Immortal." 

After pouring Joe a cup of coffee, Methos asked, "How about one of my famous omelets. You will never eat another omelet once you've tasted one of mine." 

Joe grinned, "Okay, I could use a good breakfast to restore my energy after last night." Joe's grin left his face as he asked, "Are you leaving today?"

Methos set his fork down, "Yes, but I promise to meet you in Paris as soon as possible. When are you leaving?"

"I've got my ticket for Friday. I wish I could leave sooner since you're not going to be here." He reached over and grabbed Methos hand, "I hope by the time you get there, we find out who's out to hurt me and why. Also I hope you can get us some answers also. I don't like not knowing what's going on."

"Neither do I, Joe. Neither do I. Let's finish eating so we can spend some time together before you have to go to work."

After they got done eating, Joe washed the dishes with Methos drying them and putting them away. As soon as the last dish was washed and before Joe had a chance to put down the rag, Methos carefully put his arms around him and gave him a nice long kiss. Joe melted right into. 

"I wish I could hold you and protect you from any harm, Methos." Then Joe laughed, "As if I could give you much protection."

"You'd be surprised how much protection you have given me over the years. You've kept my secret and even got into verbal sparring matches with MacLeod in my defense. You have shown me what a wonderful person you are and makes me really glad we have been friends and now lovers. I'm going to spend the rest of my life showing you how special you are if I can. But you can't protect me any more than I can protect you. I wish I could."

"Would you have time to help me get the bar ready to open?" asked Joe. "I know you have to leave, but I want to keep you with me as long as possible." 

"Yeah, but Joe, you have to give me a promise." Methos continued, "You have to promise me that you will not put what you might see into the Chronicles. If you can't promise, then I can't go with you."

Joe stood for a short minute looking at Methos, then answered him. "I promise and also promise that I won't put it in my private journal."

As Joe was watching Methos, it looked like he was starting to shimmer. He kept watching and soon it looked like someone else was standing there instead of Methos. Instead of Methos, a man about 6 inches shorter, stockier, with the facial features of an old man. He had a growth on his nose just above the end of it and to the side. His hair was longer with enough gray he couldn't tell what color it had been. His face wasn't near as thin as it was and his hands looked like they were a blacksmiths hand with bad joints. Joe opened his mouth to say something, but nothing came out.

Methos laughingly said, "Close your mouth Joe. If you don't, some thief may come along and steal them."

"You don't have to worry about me telling anyone about this. And no way am I putting this in the Chronicles. They would send them men in white with a jacket in my size." Joe asked, "How come this is something that's never been seen by any mortal?"

Methos answered, "But it has been seen. Except it was by a pre Immortal. Cassandra can change to an animal. The wolf that Mac seen as a child was her. Even her watcher didn't know about it. That's how I've been able to hide for so long. All Immortals can to a certain extent. Only the very young ones can't do it at all. Mac can a little, but he doesn't realize it yet. I don't know why, but as we get older, the ability to change our appearance grows."

Joe asked, "Is that how Amanda could change her self so well?"

"Yes, but she can't change the length of her hair the way I can.. She can change the color though and that's a big help. When she wants it drastic, she wears a wig." Methos stooped over a little more so it looked like he was hunchbacked, "Come on Joe, before you are late and don't open Joe's in time for your lunch time crowd.. I will answer all your questions when I meet up with you in Paris." 

As they walked to the bar, Methos was telling Joe, "Don't worry about it Joe. I'll take him home to his family and make sure they have enough to buy him. I know you loved him, but it will be safer if you don't go with the body."

Joe unlocked the door of Joe's and they went in. After closing the door, Methos check the place the way he did at Joe's apartment last night. Soon he shimmed and was back to himself. "I wanted to make sure we were alone and to help you set up as me. I didn't want you so see me as him after I left. So before I leave, please go into the office so you can't see me leave." 

"Okay Methos. I love you," and he leaned into Methos to give him a kiss. They then got busy and done the cleaning up and getting the place ready for business. Joe went behind the bar to take inventory for the day and to see what he had to order. Methos swept the floor and then put the chairs down. 

When it was time for Joe to go in the back to email his liquor order in, Methos took him in his arms and gave him a deep, loving kiss. "I love you Joe. I will see you in Paris in a week or two. Please take care and be careful." 

Joe kissed him back and turned and went into the office. He stood right inside the door and soon heard Methos leave. He opened the office door and looked out to make sure he was gone. He felt like crying because he was afraid he would never get to see him again. He then went over and sat down at his computer and sent in his order.

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