Further Indiscretions
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Chapter 2

After finishing his paperwork, he went out to help Mike. About 2 hour later Joe noticed Methos and wondered when he came in. He noticed his glass was almost empty so he took him another one and said, "We have a new band tonight, hopefully you'll enjoy the show, so we are really busy. I'll be back so we can visit when it calms down."

Watching Joe walk away, he knew something was wrong. He was curious, but all he could do right now, was wait until Joe could come back and sit with him. Then he would weasel it out of him. He had just finished his beer when the waitress set another one down for him. He looked up and saluted Joe with his beer knowing it came from him. He thinks to himself that he really has it easy here since Joe lets him have all the beer he wants. Maybe someday I'll pay my bar tab. He sprawls in his chair as only he can and listened to the new band, thinking it was really good.

Towards the end of the night, Joe very nervously walks to Methos table. "Well, old man, how did you like the band?" 

Methos replied, "It was pretty good, but not as good as your playing. Methos was surprised to see Joe Blushing. "Thank you, that means a lot coming from you."

"What's wrong Joe? You really seem upset about something."

"Nothing, it's just been a busy day. I haven't had anything for supper yet and I'm wondering if you would like to join me in my apartment for a snack." Joe held his breath until Methos answered.

"Don't mind if I do." With that, Joe hollered at Eric, the extra help he had hired a couple weeks before, to take over and close the place for him. Joe got up and led the way to his apartment behind Joe's. Methos could see Joe was as nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs.

As soon as the door was shut, Joe offered Methos a glass of champagne. Cocked one eye brow up as he took the glass. 

"What's the occasion Joe?" Methos said with his Mona Lisa smile. Joe cleared his throat and tried to speak twice. 

"Come on Joe, It can't be that bad can it?" Methos asked while moving closer. "Are you trying to let me know you are interested in me?"

"Uh, well, uh yeah." Joe swallowed as he spoke. Methos leaned and kissed Joe asking, "Is this what you want? I know I do and really want more." 

Methos stood waiting for Joe to make the next move. Joe was so shocked that all he could do was stand there with his mouth wide open staring at Methos like he grew a second head. Methos looked over and saw the table was set, turning to Joe he said, "Let's sit down and eat while we talk. You did invite me here for something to eat didn't you."

He took Joe's hand and led him to the table and asked "Do you want me to help get the food on the table so we can sit down and relax?" All Joe could do was nod his head. Joe set out the food and Methos started putting it on the table.

Once they sat down, Joe asked Methos why he never said anything. "Joe, you never gave any clue that you felt anything for me. And I couldn't afford to let you know how I felt till I was sure. I've loved you since before Don was killed and hoped for the chance to let you know. Finally I started dropping hidden clues to see if you were interested."

"I've loved you since shortly after I met you, but never thought you would care about me. Then when you fell in love with Alexa, my hopes all fell through the floor. I didn't have any hope till I saw the look in your eyes when Amy left today. I decided to try finding out how you really feel. I'm so glad I didn't lose my nerve."

They continued talking as they ate. Joe had gotten oyster shooters for appetizers, lobster lasagna for the main dish and chocolate moose. Methos asked, "Did you get the oysters because they are an aphrodisiac or just because you like them?" 

Laughing Joe said, "I like them, but it doesn't hurt to have a little bit of help since I wasn't sure if you were interested."

After supper, Methos helped Joe clean up the table and wash the dishes. Methos figured they would use that time to relax Joe. Methos asked, "Is this why you were acting like something was bugging you while you were working tonight?"

"Yeah, I didn't know if you were interested even though you seemed to be. So was really nervous about asking you over for something to eat. I really wanted it to be special no matter what."

When they were done with the dishes, Methos turned to Joe and cupped his face and said, "Joe, do you know how special you are?" He then leaned in and gave Joe a kiss that almost melted his metal knees. When Methos pulled back, Joe followed him with his body.

"You go ahead and take a shower and I'll just go out to my vehicle and get my bag," said Methos.

"What bag?" Joe was really puzzled. 

Methos laughed, "I always keep an escape bag in car in case I have to make a fast get away." Joe laughed as he headed to the shower and Methos headed out the door. 

Before Joe disappeared into the bathroom, Methos said, "I love you, Joe."

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