Further Indiscretions
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Chapter 22

Methos and Joe stood by the bed. Methos started undressing Joe. He unbuttoned Joe's shirt and took it off, folded it and laid it across the chair by the bed. He then unbuttoned and unzipped Joe's pants. He lowered his
pants and boxers, then had him sit on the bed so he could unstrap his prosthesis. He took them off and set them close in case Joe wanted them right away. As he was kissing Joe, he laid him down. He kissed a trail down from Joe's neck to just above his groin. After helping him get comfortable, then Methos started undressing himself.

He has just taken his sweater off when he all of a sudden dropped to his knees. He pulled his arms into his side and then threw his head back and screamed. This went on for about a minute. It looked like a quickening without the lightening. Soon he collapsed and Joe leaned over the edge of the bed and asked, "Are you all right? What in the hell happened?"

Methos got up and said, "We have to go, Mac's in trouble. He just took a quickening and I feel like he needs me." Methos got up and put his sweater back on. Joe reached his legs and strapped them on, then pulled his pants and boxers up. He grabbed his shirt and cane after he got to his feet. 

He hurried after Methos as fast as he could. Joe hollered, "Slow down Methos, I can't keep up."

"Sorry Joe. I'm just really worried about Mac and I'm feeling his panic. He doesn't know how to control his shape shifting yet. And I bet he's a wolf right now and that's the reason for his panic," answered Methos. "The last time he took a quickening, he became a wolf and didn't know how to turn back. He would probably have starved if you hadn't shown up when you did and believe me, that's a very uncomfortable way to die."

"Did you feel his panic the last time?" asked Joe.

"Yes, but only a touch. I felt him take the quickening, but it was just enough to let me know he was okay. We don't have time to go into all of it now, but when we get settled and somewhere safe, I'll explain it all to you." Methos then helped Joe get into his fan. After helping Joe, he ran around to the drivers side and got in. While starting the van, he looked at Joe and said, "I love you."

Joe answered, "I love you too and hope soon we can spend some quiet time relaxing."

Methos drove to the barge as fast as he dared and not get stopped. When they stopped at the barge, Methos helped Joe out and then ran into the barge. As soon as Methos was in the door, a big black wolf was on him and whining. "Calm down, Mac. I'll help you as soon as Joe gets in here."

Joe walked in and closed the door behind himself. He then went over and sat down on a chair. Even though Duncan had gutted the barge and had only bare necessities in it, he did get a chair for Joe to sit on. Methos then started calmly talking to Duncan and telling him to concentrate on shifting back to his normal self. This time Methos didn't have to turn into a wolf to do it, but it did take about 5 minutes of talking to him and getting him to relax. As soon as Duncan turned back into a man, he started pacing. "I can't keep turning into a wolf every time I take a quickening. What am I going to do?"

Methos started laughing and said, "We'll worry about that tomorrow. Tonight you need to rest, then in the morning I want you to meet Joe and I at Gregor's office. And no more quickening for tonight and tomorrow. Then we will make plans on what we have to do." When Duncan started to question Methos, he held his hand up and said, "Everything will be explained tomorrow. I know Joe's tired and I'm tired so we are going home to get some rest."

Duncan laughed and asked, "Is resting all you're going to do when you get home."

Methos laughed and waved at him as he went out the door he behind Joe. He helped Joe into his van and then got in. After he started the van he turned to Joe, "Can we take up where we left off?"

Joe replied, "No we can't take up where we left off."

At that Methos looked at him with concern. "Why not, Joe? Are you upset because we had to come to Mac's rescue?"

Joe laughed and said, "No, we can't take up where we left off. I have my clothes off, so we have to start over." Methos started laughing with Joe.

When they got back to Joe's, Methos helped Joe out of the van and then escorted him into the house. As soon as the door was shut, Methos took Joe into his arms and started kissing him like there was no tomorrow. When they broke to catch their breath, Joe said, "I like the way we are starting over better than the way we started originally. It's a good think my knee hinges are metal instead of plastic, or you would have fused the joints with that kiss."

Methos grinned and said, "I want to do more than that. Let's go to bed, this is just a sample of what I can do when I have to start over.

Joe grabbed Methos' hand and pulled him closer so he cold give him another kiss and then turned to lead the way into the bedroom, never letting go of his hand. As soon as they were standing by the bed, Joe pulled Methos' sweater off, then unfastened his jeans and pushed them down off his hips. Joe's eyebrows went up and it caused his cock to jump with excitement. Methos had gone commando. Methos unbuttoned Joe's shirt and pushed it off his shoulders, then pulled his T-shirt off. Methos ran his hands over Joe's chest and said, "I really love you. When I see these scars from when Jacob shot the watchers, it scares me to think of how close I came to losing you."

Joe replied, "I'm sorry I was such an ass for a patient. I was afraid of letting you see how much I loved you even then."

Methos moved on down to Joe's pants and unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. Then pushed the pants and boxers down on his prosthesis. He had Joe sit on the bed so he could unbuckle Joe's legs and take them off. He set them aside and then came back and gently rubbed over the stumps then kissed his way up Joe's thighs, stopping short of his groin. Methos did the same with the other leg. He then gently pushed Joe back so he was laying on the bed. Joe rubbed his hands along Methos' arms and up to his shoulders. He pulled Methos down for another kiss. Then moved on to Methos neck and kissed down to one little nipple while playing with the other one. He then moved on to the other nipple kissing it and played with the one his lips left.

Before crawling into bed with Joe, he removed his jeans then stretched out along side Joe and enjoyed the little kisses Joe was giving him. He then turned and started kissing Joe and rubbing up and down on him. Methos reminded him of a cat that was very content with life.

"Methos, I want you to make love to me. I don't think I would enjoy doing it as much for fear of hurting our baby. I still find it hard to believe that I'm going to be a father and will help you raise our child. I love you."

So Methos reached into the draw beside the bed and found the lube. He squirted some on his fingers and slowly inserted one into Joe. Joe moaned with pleasure. Methos asked, "Am I hurting you?"

Joe couldn't say anything so he just shook his head no. Methos then removed the one finger and added more lube. He then inserted two fingers and spread his fingers in a scissoring motion to stretch Joe more. He added a third finger. Joe then moved and begged for more. Methos felt that Joe was ready so he removed his fingers and prepared himself for Joe. He lined up with Joe's hole and then gently pushed until the head was in. He held still for a bit and then very slowly pushed in until he was all the way in. He held still so he wouldn't hurt Joe and he could adjust to him being inside him. Methos had a hard time holding still but knew if he moved before Joe was ready, it would hurt him.

Joe then started moving and gasping that he needed Methos to move. Methos moved slowly and carefully so he wouldn't hurt Joe. But soon realized that Joe didn't want him to be careful. He started moving faster and it soon lost control. Both men were on the verge of coming. Joe really tried to hold off coming because he wanted Methos to come with him, but failed. He came shouting Methos name. Joe's muscles pulsed around Methos' cock and pulled Methos over the edge with him. When it was over, both men were too weak to move.

After a bit, Methos asked, "Are you all right, Joe?"

Joe answered with a laugh, "I couldn't be more all right. That was really intense."

"I'm going to pull out carefully now so I don't hurt you." He then laid down next to Joe and pulled him into his arms. After laying there a while, he got up and went to the bathroom. He came back with a wet rag and a towel to clean Joe up. As soon as he was finished, he took the rag back into the bathroom and came back in and laid down with Joe. He spooned up with him and said, "I love you. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me." 

Joe drowsily answered, "You are the best thing that has ever happened to me too. I love you more than I can ever begin to say. Let's get some sleep, we are going to have a busy day tomorrow."

Methos agreed with him and pulled him in tighter. "Night Joe."

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