Further Indiscretions
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Chapter 25

Sean asked Joe, "Is Gregor really a doctor? And why did he ask Mr. Adams to assist him? How do I know I can trust you guys?"

Duncan looked at Joe and then turned back to Sean, "Pierce Adams loves your father. Didn't you see his reaction when he saw how bad he was? He has had medical training and when a doctor does surgery, he needs someone helping him that knows what he's doing."

"If he cared so much, then why haven't I ever seen him? I've never left this place and he's never been here at anytime," Sean stubbornly stated.

"As soon as Pierce comes out, we will all sit down and talk to you about what is going on. I can't give you all the answers. I didn't even know this place existed before today," Duncan answered him. "While we are waiting, can you show us to some rooms and then help us unload the truck. Some of Gregor's instruments might come in handy with the surgery on your father. Is there a room close to your rooms we can set up like an office to put his medical equipment?"

Sean still untrustingly said, "Yeah, there's a room used as a ballroom just down the hall from where we live."

Duncan looked at Joe, then asked, "Is there a bedroom on the main floor so Joe won't have to climb the stairs?"

Sean looked at Joe and then realized he was using a cane. Joe answered his questioning look, "I lost my legs in Viet Nam so stairs are a little difficult."

Sean said, "You are in luck. There is a suite on the other side of the ballroom that is adapted for handicap use. The owner sent word through the solicitor about 10 years ago about fixing up a room like that. The workers and the materials were proved by them also. As soon as we get the truck unloaded, I'll show you both where you'll be sleeping while you are here."

Duncan looked at Joe and made the comment after Sean left to start unloading the truck, "He thinks this is just a short visit. He's not going to be happy to have us here. And the worst thing is, he doesn't know he's immortal."

"Oh boy, when it rains, it pours. You and Methos are going to have a ball trying to convince him of what the truth is."

Joe stayed in the kitchen while Duncan went out to help Sean. He sat for a while just thinking on how he was going to solve the problem with Methos. And Methos didn't act like there was anything wrong. He loved him and he wanted the baby. But it looked like Methos didn't want anyone to help him and he didn't know how he was going to handle that. After sitting there for about 5 minutes, he decided to get up and fix some supper.

It took Sean and Duncan an hour to get all the stuff out of the truck and into the ballroom. They unpacked the medical equipment in case Gregor could use some of it. Duncan then went and knocked on the door. Methos stood just inside the door and told Duncan to open it.

"Tell Gregor all his medical equipment is unpacked in the room next door if there is anything he needs to help you guys with Pierre," said Duncan.

"Thank you Mac, I will tell him," answered Methos.

Duncan then closed the door and went back to the ballroom and said to Sean, "Let's go to the kitchen for something to drink. I bet Joe has a fresh pot of coffee ready for us."

Duncan turned to leave when Sean stopped him asking, "How is my father doing? Is he going to be okay?"

Duncan answered as they left the room, "Gregor is still operating, so it's too soon to tell. If there was any news, Pierce would have given it to me when I told him all the medical equipment was in here. Let's just hang onto the idea that no news is good news."

As they entered the kitchen, Duncan asked, "Is that fresh coffee I smell?"

Joe answered, "Yeah and I've started supper." He turned to Sean, "I hope you don't mind that I went through the cupboards and pulled out the fixins for a good old fashion stew. I figured you guys could use something. When Gregor and Pierce get done, they are going to be hungry. It'll be ready in about 30 minutes."

Sean answered, "I'm not hungry right now." He went to the pot and poured himself a cup and poured a cup for Duncan. He turned to Joe, "Do you need some more coffee?"

"No, I already filled my cup up before you came in," answered Joe. "But you need to eat to keep up your strength for your father. He's going to need you while he's recovering from the surgery."

Sean answered, "Okay, I'll try."

"Mac, did you bring my laptop in? I see a phone jack here and want to check to see what's going on," asked Joe. "You know they are going to pull all their agents in to try and find us."

Mac answered, "Yeah, it's in the ballroom. I'll get it for you."

When Duncan returned, he had Joe's guitar along with his laptop. He plugged the laptop into the wall jack for Joe so he wouldn't have to get up. Joe opened the laptop and signed on. He typed in his password and after about 15 minutes of reading and checking several different sites, he signed off and shut down. He laughed then turned to Duncan and said, "It looks like we got away clean. Headquarters is going crazy trying to find you, Pierce and myself. They think you guys did something to me and then took off for parts unknown. So they are looking for my body. At least they got part of it right. They followed all the false leads we laid and think you both flew out of the country."

This discussion really confused Sean. He asked, "What's going on here? Who are you people and who's after you? How do I know it's safe for you guys to be here around my father?"

Joe turned to him and said, "We told you that when Pierce and Gregor were done with the surgery, we would tell you everything. You don't know if you can trust us, but if we weren't safe around your father, why is it then Gregor wanted to do surgery to help him."

Sean got up and started pacing around the kitchen. He just knew they were there to hurt them or move them out since his father was no longer able to care for the estate. He loved this place and didn't want to leave. In fact, the idea of leaving was scaring the hell out of him. He knew he'd never survive away from here since it was all he knew. He had never left the grounds in any way. He knew he was adopted. His father told him he found him on the grounds when he was an infant. He never told anyone and took him on as his own. Maybe Mr. Adams will let him stay and care for the property and his father. 

About 2 hours later, Methos came into the kitchen and before he got to the coffee pot, Duncan handed him a cup of coffee. Before Methos could take it, Sean rushed forward, "How's my father?"

Sean said, "I want to know what's going on and I want to know now."

Methos answered, "We will tell you everything, but let me clean up first. Is there somewhere I can take a shower and change clothes."

Sean grabbed Methos shirt and started shaking him, "I want to know now, not later. I'm tired of all this bullshit."

Duncan grabbed Sean and slammed him into the cabinets. "You ever do that again, you won't be able to wipe your ass when you go to the bathroom for a long time because I'll break both your arms." He let him go and turned to Methos, "Go get cleaned up and then we'll talk to the bully here. I'll take you to Joe's suite so you can have some privacy since that's the only bathroom I know the location of."

"Thank you, Duncan. I appreciate the help." After saying that, he turned to leave the kitchen and sank to the floor. Duncan caught him before he hit the floor.

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