Further Indiscretions
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Chapter  1

Joe sat and watched his daughter Amy walk out the door. He felt devastated because she wanted nothing to do with him. Sitting beside him was Methos drinking his beer. He turned to Joe and said "She'll be back. Just give her time." Joe looked at him with hope in his eyes. He then downed his shot of whiskey. He couldn't believe she would be back. Methos put his hand on Joe's that was lying on the table. "Don't worry Joe, you still have me."

Joe started to pull his hands away till he looked at Methos face. He had men look at him like that before, but it really knocked him for a loop to see that look in Methos eye. Methos realized he was holding Joe's hand and jerked it back and jumped up. "I have to go, see you later," as he hurried out of the bar.

Joe called after him, "Come back later for a drink."

Methos had a smile on his face as he left being very careful not to let Joe see it. He nodded his head and waved a hand to Joe without looking back.

After Methos left, Joe sat and wondered about the look in Methos eyes. He was beginning to hope that Methos felt the same as he did. If that was the case, he had some planning to do before Methos came back. He was going to do his best to seduce Methos, so he had plans to make and things to set up.

Mike had just come in to help set up for the day and since Methos had helped him before leaving, there wasn't much to do. "Mike can you handle opening up and taking care of things for a few. I have some errands to run."

When Mike told him okay, he left in deep thought. He was mentally making plans for what all he wanted to do and get. He was busy all afternoon and arrived back at Joe's in time for the supper crowd. As he walked in, Mike said, "You have an important message in your office."

So Joe walked on into his office. On his desk beside his computer, there was an envelope. He got a cold feeling as he sat down and opened the envelope. 

"You and your loved ones are going to die!"

He turned it over to see if there was anything else. It didn't have an address or any name on it. He had no clue what it meant where to came from. He went out and asked Mike, "Who delivered this note?"

"I don't know, Dawson. It was just laying on the bar so I put it on your desk." 

Joe then decided that someone was playing a sick joke on him. Joe told Mike, "I have some work to do, call me if you get busy." Mike nodded and went back to work.


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