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Chapter 24

For the next 2 hours, the guys were planning on how they were going to disappear. Gregor was making a list of the equipment he thought he was going to need. Joe was making plans on how to distract Gregor's Watcher and to make sure there were no other Watchers watching them. Duncan was figuring out how to get 4 people and supplies into hiding. And Methos was using a laptop to lay a paper trail to several different places to make sure no one would be able to find them.

Methos turned to Duncan and asked, "Mac, when do you think you can be ready to pick up and leave? All I need is 2 hours." Turning to Joe he asked, "What about you and Gregor?"

Duncan answered, "I can be ready to leave in an hour."

Gregor replied, "It may take me a little longer. I need help to load up what I need to keep an eye on the baby."

"As soon as I finish my packing, I can come over and help you with that." Turning to Methos, "I think I can help Gregor so that he'll be ready to leave in 2 hours. What about you Joe?" 

"I can be ready to leave in 2 hours also. Do we all meet back here or what?" Joe asked.

Methos handed Duncan a piece of paper, "Mac, go to this address and pick up the truck that's there. Gregor, I'll run home and get my stuff and then be back here to help you get things ready to load up. Joe, I'll run you home so you can pack some stuff for yourself. Use a cab and go to the barge, then one of us will pick you up from there. We need to make it impossible for the Watchers to find and follow us." Methos then turned to head out the door, "Let's get this show on the road Joe."

Joe hesitated for a minute then decided to wait till they were safe before he face Methos with what he said to him earlier. He hurried after Methos so he could pack and be ready to go in time. He didn't want to be the one to hold everyone up. After Methos dropped him off, he got on the computer to see what he could do about running interference with the Watchers to give them all a chance to get away. Then he packed his clothes and other necessities. He debated about taking his wheel chair but was afraid it would attract too much attention, so decided to leave it behind.


By the time he finished his packing and the work on the computer, he had 30 minutes to spare. He called a cab then called Duncan to let him know he was ready to be picked up. He was still feeling hurt by Methos attitude earlier so he called Duncan instead of Methos to let him know he would be at the barge soon.

Duncan was waiting at the barge when Joe got there. As Joe was getting out of the cab, Duncan locked up the barge and led him to this car. They left from there and went to the airport. Duncan put the car in extended parking like they were going to come back, then called on of the shuttles to take them to a parking lot where people parked their cars for a week or two. They waited for the next bus to take them back to the airport and from there rented a car and drove to a place where Gregor was waiting for them with the truck. As Duncan pulled up, Methos pulled up also.

"Are we all ready to go and do we have everything we will need for the next year?" asked Methos. He said to Gregor, "I know you won't have to stay a year, but I will have to and so the others will probably stay also. I will probably be very vulnerable for the first 6 months after the baby is born. Mac will have to help me get back into shape."

Methos helped Joe get into the truck with Gregor. He stood on the running board to give Joe a hug and a kiss, "I love you Joe. Don't you ever forget that." After jumping down, he realized Joe didn't tell him back that he loved him. He thought to himself, 'I wonder if Joe is still mad at me for my attitude earlier. When we get to safety, I'll have to talk to him and hope he'll forgive me.' He went and got into the car with Duncan. Gregor pulled out and went one way and Duncan pulled out and wen t the opposite direction. Gregor would go straight to the next town and Duncan would go the long way. He would drop the car off, then they would walk a couple of blocks to where Gregor and Joe would be waiting for them.

It took them 45 minutes to reach the rental agency where they could drop the car off. After they got into the back of the truck, Gregor took off again. They ended up going way out into the country. Gregor drove for almost 20 minutes before he saw the turn off Methos told him about. From there he drove till he came to another turn off. After about 30 minutes, he drove up to what looked like a mansion. He drove up to the front of the house and got out. Methos jumped out of the back so he could help Joe out of the truck. Gregor said as Methos reached up for Joe, "This is holy ground. I didn't know this place was here."

Methos said, "I married the owner of it in 1248 and I've kept it in good repair since then. Before she died, she made out a will so that I could have it. The only stipulation was that I use it for helping others. I had Darius stay here for a while along with a few other priest. For his safety they blessed the land and the house since they knew he was Immortal and that holy ground was a safe haven for him from other Immortals. He was being hunted at the time by a mortal that thought he was the one who killed his lover. He would have killed Darius on holy ground so he had to leave Paris and a few of the priest from the parish traveled with him for safety sake. 

It wasn't safe to travel by yourself in those days. It was one of the very few times he left his church. Then during the last 3 wars, I let it be used as an orphanage so the children could be gotten out of Paris. When the wars were over, then the children were taken back to Paris. Even though that stipulation no longer can be validated, I still do it when it's needed. I keep help here to take care of the place. The people here know what I am, just not who I am, so while here, I'm Pierce Adams. As far as the locals know, this has been in the Adams family for over 600 years. That was my last marriage."

Just as Methos finished talking, Gregor, Methos and Duncan swung their heads to the house. A man that none of them had ever seen before came out of the house holding his head, looking a little green around the gills. He was about 5'9", about 250 pounds and in his 50's. After seeing the guys, he started looking better and said, "Hello, my name is Sean Philippes. I work here, may I ask who you people are? You are trespassing."

Methos stood staring at him then said, "I'm Pierce Adams. I own this place and these are my friends. Who hired you? I'm suppose to be notified when new people are brought here." He wasn't happy about another Immortal being here and he was going to find out why.

"I was raised here, sir. My father's inside. He's not able to take care of the place anymore, so I do it. We never thought to let the solicitors know about me being here so they could inform you. Your grandfather left my father in charge when he left here almost 60 years ago," answered Sean.

Methos and Duncan looked at each other and then at Joe. They figured he might be a new Immortal and if he was, his chances weren't good. Methos turned to Sean and said, "Please take me to your father."

"Sure, right this way." Sean lead them into the house and back to where the servants quarters were. When he opened the door, he said, "Father, we have company,"

When the old man turned around, Methos almost fell to the floor. He rushed to him and got down on his knees beside him. "Oh, Pierre. I forgot what time can do to you mortals." Joe was surprised to see tears running down Methos face.

"Ah Pierce. I'm so glad you came before I died. Now I don't have to call the solicitors to warn you about my health. I also wanted to tell you about my son. Am I correct in guessing he's like you?" asked Pierre.

"Yes he is. Am I correct that it happened recently."

"Yes. We had an accident about a month ago that's why I'm in the shape I am. The doctor tells me I'm dying." Pierre started crying. "What going to become of my son? There is no way he can take care of himself."

"Calm down Pierre. We will take care of you and everything else." Methos pulled Gregor forward, "This is a doctor, so you will have one on hand all the time. His name is Gregor and this Duncan MacLeod. They are both like me." Reaching for Joe, "And this is Joe Dawson. He's like you. We will talk to Sean and explain everything to him. As long as he stays here, he will be safe. This is holy ground."

Sean asked, "What do you mean? What are you talking about?"

After Methos got done talking, he relaxed to the point he fell asleep. Methos turned to Gregor, "See what you can do for him." Then he turned to Sean, "Let's go to the kitchen and talk. How long has he been this bad?"

Duncan and Joe followed them. Duncan put the kettle on to make some tea and Joe sat down at the table with them. Duncan asked Sean, "Do you want tea or coffee?"

Sean answered, "Tea. Since about a week after the accident. He thought I was killed, but I'm okay and I thought he was okay, but he was injured in a way that the doctors here can't do anything for him and he won't leave here to go to the city to get help."

Gregor came out and said to Methos, "Pierce, he needs surgery now or he won't make it thought the night. Can you assist me?"

Methos got up to leave the room, "Yes. What do you need me to do and what do you need me to get?"

Joe had been watching all this and could hear Gregor talking about what needed done as they left the room. Now all they could do was wait and see if Pierre survived the surgery.

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